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Wellness and Weight Loss Clinic

Be Proactive About Your Health Through Weight Loss Programs & Functional Medicine

Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss MD provides patients in Aiken, SC with Education, Encouragement, and Accountability. Our passion and principle lies in preventative medicine and helping patients before they have life-threatening issues with disease. Through Functional Medicine, our Weight Loss Programs and prevention of Diabetes, Heart Attacks and Strokes, we can help patients live fuller lives.


Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention

We design a comprehensive approach to modify and treat identified risk factors to lower the risk of stroke and MI.

Diabetes Prevention

According to the American Diabetes Association even adults without symptoms who are overweight or obese and have one or more additional risk factors for diabetes should be tested beginning at the age of 45 years old.

Natural Hormone Replacement

Through our Functional Medicine training we understand how important maintaining the proper balance of hormones is to one’s overall health and sense of well being. Through proper testing and guidance we can help you regain hormonal balance and in turn live a healthier life.

Weight Loss Plans

At Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss MD, we make losing weight an attainable goal through three core values: EducationEncouragement and Accountability. Each program in our weight loss clinic is uniquely designed based on a persons tastes and co-morbid conditions.

Meet our Experienced Team


Dr. Gregory L. Eaves


Veronica Chavis

Physician's Assistant

Ashley Harmon

Office Manager

Rebekah Sanderson

Certified Medical Assistant


Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss MD USES functional medicine to determine how and why illness occurs. Our weight loss clinic can help you feel your best by addressing the root causes of diseases and fixing those. By understanding your genetics and adjusting factors such as lifestyle and environment, functional medicine will have you living your best life. We provide accurate functional medicine lab testing and treatments for our patients.


SECA Medical Body Analyzer

Seca mBCA is a Medical Body Composition Analyzer is the first body composition scale designed specifically for medical use. The Seca Medical Body Composition Analyzer provides a comprehensive assessment of a patient's metabolic health and wellness. The mBCA results are medically precise, providing the general health and nutritional status of patients. The mBCA 514 Medical Body Composition Analyzer provides an assessment in less than 20 seconds. Hand held electrodes on the support aid prevent measurement errors and ensure reproducible results.


Debra Shoemaker
Debra Shoemaker
20:04 27 Mar 23
I just found out that I can’t be seen in any of the programs because I’m on Medicare. Number one I never wanted to be on Medicare but it was forced on me. Isn’t that discrimination? I even said I’d pay cash. I was turned down. I guess an attorney is who I need to speak to about this horrible treatment.
Southern Blue Magnolia
Southern Blue Magnolia
14:25 27 Mar 23
I love this office!!! They work towards whole body health with an emphasis on prevention! I have been a patient for the last 4 years and my health journey has never been better.I refer everyone I know to this office and they feel the same way about it!They work will with insurance, if your insurance will accept them. It is important to note that most healthcare professionals do not take the time to look at your overall health like this office does. Which means your insurance may not provide the same coverage. Our insurance does not, and they work with us to provide affordable care that we pay out of pocket for.Bottom line? If you are looking for answers, a more natural approach and to get to the root cause of your issues….this is your place!Hope SeamonAiken, SC
Maria Glinski
Maria Glinski
20:12 16 Mar 21
We are so fortunate to have this medical practice in Aiken. It is so much more than a weight loss center. They take a whole person approach - focusing on your physical as well as your mental health. All testing and subsequent recommendations are individualized. The staff is professional, genuine and caring.
Bryan Hunt
Bryan Hunt
12:14 26 Aug 20
This place is amazing. Dr. Eaves takes a whole health approach. There is not a "one program or system fits all" mentality. Not only have I lost weight but I am no longer on cholesterol medicine and I have cut my blood pressure medicine by 3 quarters.The staff are extremely polite, friendly, and very excited about a clients progress. I highly recommend this practice.
Amy Tuschen
Amy Tuschen
23:34 12 Aug 20
My husband and I have been seeing them for over a year now and both Dr Greg Eaves and Veronica Chavis (PA) are caring and attentive and listen to our concerns and work to adjust our wellness plan based on our needs. Their whole staff is a pleasure to work with that we look forward to our visits.
Matt Sherrard
Matt Sherrard
16:44 08 Oct 18
Great caring service! Great results! I actually look forward to my visits. So encouraging!
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